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Monster is returning to SIA’s Executive Forum with more love for staffing than ever

As we get ready to head to SIA's Executive Forum, here's what you can expect from Monster.

Monster is returning to SIA’s Executive Forum with more love for staffing than ever

Last year at this time, I was gearing up for SIA’s Executive Forum in Miami—the first time I represented Monster at one of my favorite industry conferences.

We were in the middle of a huge transformation, and not only was I able to connect with some of our best staffing partners, but we also reintroduced Monster and our new philosophy to the SIA audience. It was an incredible experience.

We unveiled some big ideas. We talked about how traditional job boards needed to change, and we promised that Monster was returning to our roots as a disruptor in the job search category.

We made it loud and clear that Monster is deeply committed to the staffing industry, and, a year later, unlike some of our competitors, our commitment remains unwavering.

This year, we’re ready to show what we’ve been working on—and I’m going to preview some of it here first.

Breakthrough Leadership

First, I’m thrilled to introduce our new CEO, Scott Gutz, to the SIA audience. It’s fitting that this year’s theme is “Breakthrough Leadership.” Scott’s enthusiasm and commitment to the future of Monster are inspiring. It’s so refreshing to have someone at the helm who is so passionate about this legacy brand, and who is hard at work with us, creating the next generation of Monster.

I know he’s eager to meet with staffing executives in Austin and share what we’re working on. If you’re at Executive Forum next week, please stop by the Monster C-Suite in room #555 for some in-person time with Scott. Our CPO, Chris Cho, and CMO, Jonathan Beamer, who we introduced for the first time last year, will also be on hand and are looking forward to seeing our staffing clients and friends again.

Making Good on Our Promises

Over the past year, our staffing partners expressed the kinds of improvements they wanted us to make. We heard that you want partners like us to deliver better matches so that you’re not spending time vetting irrelevant candidates.

But we also heard, both in our one-on-one discussions and at conferences like HR Tech and Staffing World, that there’s a real hunger for better tools to streamline and simplify the way you search for and communicate with vast pools of candidates, servicing multiple clients.

I’m excited to share two new solutions that address those areas, one of which— SearchMonster—we’ll be unveiling for the first time at SIA’s Executive Forum.

SearchMonster gives recruiters a powerful new way to search for candidates, plus it’s a platform that integrates search, text, email messaging, and access to social profiles all in one place. It’s all part of our push to help staffing agencies improve the quality of candidates, no matter what kind of volume you’re sourcing for.

We’ll also be demoing our app Monster Studios, which lets recruiters add video job descriptions to their Monster job ads right from their mobile phones. Hopefully, you’ve already heard about it or seen it in action!

If you’re in Austin for SIA’s Executive Forum, come check Monster Studios out for yourself in our Monster C-Suite (room #555).

You also told us how important ATS integrations are, so we’re rolling out a number of new integrations over the course of the year.

We’re particularly excited about our new integration with Erecruit, and their CEO, Dominic Gallello, shares our enthusiasm. “Building partnerships with leading staffing industry providers like Monster is key for Erecruit,” he said. “We want our clients to have access to the best and most candidates. Our investment in our Monster relationship is going to drive performance and efficiency for recruiters who work in Erecruit.”

He went on to say, “We are thrilled about our partnership with Monster, as we both desire what is best for the staffing industry…only when our staffing clients win, we win. We are striving together to make that happen.”

We couldn’t agree more: When our staffing clients win, we win together.

Monster in Austin

When I say we love staffing, I’m not kidding—and our presence at SIA’s Executive Forum is a reflection of how excited we are to be there and connect with old, and, hopefully, new staffing and recruiting partners. Want to see what we’re up to or meet up? Here’s where we’ll be:

Tuesday morning, we’re hosting an Ideas in Action Breakfast, where I’ll be moderating a discussion with Chris and Jonathan titled “The Next Evolution of Online Job Search: Finding the Right Fit.”

This session is an exclusive first look at Monster’s return to its roots, fixing a broken system once again, and helping employers and candidates find what matters most—a fit that works for both.

Despite strong growth in the staffing industry, some experts are worried about a looming recession (our recent survey found that 62 percent of Americans think a recession in the next two years is likely), and one of those experts, Alan Beaulieu, will be giving a keynote address that we’re sponsoring on Wednesday afternoon.

Beaulieu correctly predicted the 2008 recession at SIA’s Healthcare Forum. Although Monster has survived 25 years of financial ups and downs, I know our team will be listening closely to what Beaulieu has to say.

Later that afternoon, we'll also be hosting SIA’s annual "Best Staffing Firms to Work For" awards. We can’t wait to see which of our partners walk away with this prestigious recognition from SIA this year—there are so many worthy companies!

Finally, don’t forget to visit Monster’s C-Suite (Room #555) to meet members of our executive team, explore our new products—Monster Studios and SearchMonster—and learn about Monster’s product roadmap.

As always, what I love most about SIA’s Executive Forum is the opportunity to share and learn one-on-one with our staffing partners, so if you’re going to be in Austin, please reach out! Can’t wait to see you there!