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Everything you need to know about SearchMonster

We've got answers to 8 of the most commonly asked SearchMonster questions

Everything you need to know about SearchMonster

You’re a recruiter, and candidate search is part of your job…a big, time-consuming part. But building strong candidate relationships is a big part too.

In today’s tight labor market, you don’t want a search tool that clogs your pipeline with unqualified candidates.

And you definitely don’t have time to juggle multiple platforms and dashboards trying to connect with candidates. That’s why we created SearchMonster, our next-generation search technology that gives you a smarter way to engage with qualified candidates—in a much more meaningful way.

We know you’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.

What kind of searching can I do?

One of the really great things about SearchMonster is it gives you the option to search the way you want to search. Comfortable with Boolean (leveraging operator words like “and” and “or” and symbols)? Do it! Ready for a more advanced search? Semantic search applies related keywords to each term and seeks to understand the searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning of terms to bring in broader and more results.

Are searches adjustable?

 Yup. Start your search with broad criteria…let’s say job title…then use filters like education, salary, veteran status, relocation, citizenship and more, to change results. It’s kind of like online shopping. Start with a search that shows every possible candidate in a geographic area, then use filters to narrow or widen your pool to a more manageable group of best-fit candidates.

I see candidates that fit my requirements, but I need more info. How can I get it?

Where applicable, information from third party platforms like GitHub and AboutMe fill in additional information on the candidate profile, giving more context and greater background. Social media profile links on candidates’ profiles also help you get insight into their personal and professional interests.

I need to contact candidates fast. How can I do it?

If they’ve opted in, you can send them a text message or an email, telling them about that terrific job they’d be a perfect match for. We’re particularly excited to introduce SMS text messaging from the platform because research shows that texting is the preferred medium of communication for people aged 18-44, and text messages are read over 95% of the time.

How do I know someone else in my organization hasn’t already reached out?

SearchMonster helps you avoid those duplicate messages that candidates find so annoying, by letting you see who in your organization has already contacted them and when. Text messages read like a group email within the platform.

Toggling’s tedious. Is SearchMonster a single platform?

Yes, it is! SearchMonster’s new and improved three panel UI helps recruiters easily filter, discover and view candidates in one simple view.

How can I tell if my candidate outreach is working?

Built-in analytics help you track the stats (e.g., sent, open, click rates) behind each campaign, adjust the parameters if needed, and understand candidate behavior.

Is SearchMonster new?

Yes! Our latest search tool, SearchMonster, takes our decades of enhancing and refining search technology and our candidate engagement expertise to the most advanced level, to help recruiters find the right fit faster. With more powerful filters, search method options, candidate texting, and social profile and aggregated skills access, SearchMonster’s next-generation technology moves the process from candidate search to qualified candidate hire.