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Expert Advice on Creating an Online Marketing Strategy

Expert Advice on Creating an Online Marketing Strategy

By: Connie Blaszczyk, Managing Editor, Monster Resource Center

How can your small business develop a successful online strategy that will attract both business and top candidates?

For some insight, we asked the experts at CKR Interactive, an award-winning one of the largest recruitment advertising agencies.

CKR Interactive was founded in 2001 in the heart of Silicon Valley. For three years running, it has been named to Inc.’s list of fastest-growing private US companies. The company was a winner at the 2012 Creative Excellence Awards.

Monster: How can smaller companies with limited time and resources emulate the social media strategies of larger companies?

CKR: There are a lot of opportunities for smaller companies with limited time and resources to implement online recruiting and marketing best practices.

While it’s important to not jump into social media without a plan in place, and consideration for the amount of time social media requires for ongoing maintenance must be in place.

Social media offers an excellent avenue to build your brand via strengthening and awareness, community management, prospective candidates and referrals, and offers excellent search engine optimization (SEO) benefits as well.

It’s not exactly a “free” avenue for online marketing, as it does require resources in the means of time, but it’s something everyone should be taking advantage of.

Content marketing using elements such as articles, white papers, etc. also helps in expanding brand awareness online and can be produced very cheaply.

Video is another excellent online marketing tool that doesn’t necessarily have to be produced at an exorbitant price (although companies will want to monitor the final quality, as the video will be representative of the company and the company’s voice).

Monster: How can a career website help the job seeker decide if the company is the right fit for them?

CKR: At CKR we believe that a career website should focus on the prospective candidate:

  • Demonstrate what’s in it for the candidate.
  • What possible career paths are available.
  • What are the true culture and goals of the company.
  • Help weed out candidates who are not a great fit for your company (but make it easy for them to share information and jobs with their network, should they know someone who is a qualified candidate).

Monster: What design principles should be kept in mind when designing a company website and/or career website?

CKR: The most important design principles to keep in mind when developing a website of any kind are:

  • Make it accessible
  • Make it easy to use

Too often, companies will go overboard with design elements and flash, in efforts to wow their visitors – who instead find that their site is now slow to load, not always viewable by their visitors and probably not impressing them either.

Monster: What other principles should be kept in mind when designing a company website?

CKR: You need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and consider what they want. Your site needs to be a resource to them, not just a sales tool to shove your marketing down their throat.

If a visitor doesn’t immediately find what they’re looking for on your site, they’ll quickly look elsewhere, so you need to make the site easy to understand and navigate, as well as follow web accessibility guidelines so that everyone can access your site, no matter what browsers, media players, devices, or disabilities are involved.

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