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SM-Testing-SearchMonster Training Page


SearchMonster uses precision search technology to find the exact talent you need. Plus, you can manage and contact candidates via email and text message — all from the same interface.

No more toggling from one platform to another. SearchMonster lets you do it all. Find and reach the top-quality talent you need, when you need it.

Take a look at the materials below to get up and running with SearchMonster in no time.

Free Training Resources

Monster Masters

Challenge your team to earn their Monster Master’s degree in SearchMonster.  

Live Webinar Training

Our product experts will walk your through a live demo and answer any questions.

Training Topics

Training Videos

SearchMonster Demo (6 mins)
Get a quick overview of everything SearchMonster has to offer – search features, messaging via email and text, links to public social profiles and more.

SearchMonster Webinar (25 mins)
This recorded webinar will show you how to source the skills you need and find top talent fast. Plus, see new ways to research candidates and connect.

SearchMonster for Power Resume & Classic Search Users (8 mins)
This video will make the transition to SearchMonster effortless. Check out all the features you’ll have access to.