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Monster On-Demand Webinar: Digital Recruitment

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Digital Transformation of Recruitment Video

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Talk to any recruiter today and you’ll hear the same tale of woe: It’s a competitive marketplace for talent, with demand for skilled labor far exceeding the supply of qualified candidates actively looking.

This dilemma underscores the increasing importance of having a differentiated talent brand and the need for recruiters to master new digital techniques to find, reach and engage potential candidates.

This on-demand Monster webinar looks at three ways that organizations should approach the digital transformation in recruiting:

1. Develop the Talent Brand: Learn to think and act like a digital marketer in order to be a digital recruiter.
2. Scale with Employee Advocacy: Learn to get every employee to play the role of a recruiter when they tout your talent brand on social.
3. Build Digital Operational Excellence: The people, processes, organization and tools needed to support a thriving, modern recruitment operation.

Listen to this archived webinar now.

About the Presenter: 
Charlene Li
Founder and CEO of Altimeter Group

Charlene Li is founder and CEO of Altimeter Group, a research and consulting firm that helps companies understand — and act on — digital disruption. She is also the author of the bestselling books Open Leadership, Groundswell, and The Engaged Leader.

Download the free ebook from this webinar: The Digital Transformation of Recruitment