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Monster 2020 State of the Candidate Report

Job seekers want more—and are confident they can get it. At the same time, they’re nervous about the future, and aren’t finding the right fit. Those were some of the biggest takeaways of the Monster 2020 State of the Candidate survey. To read  the full guide, download it now:

The key findings of the survey reveal that recruiters going into the next year should have two main concerns on their minds: being prepared to meet the expectations of younger workers, and how to effectively recruit amid recession fears.

“I see a lot of the effects of the business cycle in the results,” says Jonathan Beamer, Chief Marketing Officer at Monster. “It’s a two-pronged effect – unemployment is pretty much at an all-time low. That shifts a lot of the power to the candidate. On the flipside, everybody is wondering how long it’s going to last, so that’s the nervousness at the end of the bull market we’ve been enjoying.”

That could be why most people are saying they’re not looking to change jobs in 2020. But if they do make a move, salary has become an even bigger driver in what makes candidates want to seek out a new position. In the 2018 survey, salary was also the top reason for changing jobs, with 30% of survey respondents saying so; but this year, that number has increased to 40%.

Among the other key messages that candidates shared in the survey that this eBook will explore include:

  • They want more money
  • They crave job security
  • They expect to be paid fairly
  • They will seek out more positive work environments
  • They demand more diversity and inclusion

Keep reading to dive deeper into all of candidates’ wants and needs, along with some strategies to help you effectively recruit candidates in 2020 and beyond.

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