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Millennials and Growing Companies

Millennials and Growing Companies

A Matchmaker’s Dream

Is your growing company looking to attract Millennial workers? Most likely the answer is yes.

While attracting these younger workers is becoming increasingly competitive, there’s good news.

Studies show that small and growing businesses are often top of mind for many Millennials. In fact, Millennials often seek the type of benefits that small and growing companies can provide.

This 11-page guide, Millennials and your Growing Business: A Matchmaker’s Dream, explains how your company can position itself to successfully recruit these workers -- and why they’re a great match for your growing business.

Born between 1978 and 2000, many Millennials are technologically savvy, self-determined and career-minded.

So what is it that makes them tick professionally? This free guide describes:

• What these workers crave in their work
• What matters most to them
• Why money isn’t always their top priority

Download our guide to Millennials and your Growing Business: A Matchmaker’s Dream and find out how Millennials are redefining retention – and how to create your own Millennial hiring plan.

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