Job Refresh

Launch your job posting to the top of job listings.

  • Draw attention to your job
  • Move up in search results

Product Description

Monster's Job Refresh gives you the power to move up higher in job search results.

How it works:
  • Your initial Job Ad appears near the top of the job search results list.
  • As new jobs are added, your ad moves down the list.
  • Job Refresh moves your ad back to the top.

The higher your Job Ad appears on this list, the more attention it is likely to receive from job seekers. Moving up in search results will give your posting added visibility.

Available in two versions:
Job Refresh units
With Job Refresh units, you can choose when to push your Job Ad back to the top - giving that extra visibility to drive response.

Save time with Auto Refresh!
With Auto Refresh, your Job Ad automatically jumps to the top after a pre- determined interval. To purchase Auto Refresh, call 1-866-811-2458.

Note: To use Job Refresh or Auto Refresh, a Job Ad is required.