Partner Integrations, APIs and Services

Use our partnerships to your advantage. Streamline your recruiting process while saving time and money.

  • Access Monster from within your ATS
  • Automatic Login
  • Automatic source tracking

Product Description

Monster's partnership with dozens of leading HR technology vendors offers employers a no-hassle system for posting ads, tracking resumes, hiring applicants, and measuring recruiting efforts. Our services work directly with your applicant tracking systems, job distributors, and resume aggregators.

Monster's innovative HR Vendor Alliance Program offers:
  • Real-time posting: post Monster jobs in minutes – seamless integration of Monster Job Ads with the ATS vendor's talent management system.
  • Integrated resume search: find high-quality talent, instantly – search, view, and download Monster resumes from within an integrated third-party system.
  • Shared apply: improve your job seekers' experience – when a seeker applies to a job, the application will automatically include information from the seeker's Monster profile.

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