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Aberdeen Group | April 2012

Sourcing is the foundation of any successful talent acquisition strategy. Decidedly, organizations are unable to recruit top talent unless they have proactively identified top talent. Yet, with a shortage of key skills and increasing competition in a global market, uncovering qualified talent is a daunting challenge. Organizations looking to gain a competitive advantage can no longer afford a reactionary approach to sourcing. As a result, they are reexamining existing methods in order to broaden their reach and improve efficiencies. Innovation in sourcing technology is helping to drive this change.

This Research Brief is based on a study conducted in January and February 2012, and addresses the key pressures that drive sourcing efforts, the strategies and tools in place to address them, and the metrics used to evaluate such initiatives.

Key Findings:

  • 52% of respondents have trouble sourcing enough qualified candidates
  • 35% indicated that sourcing is a top priority for talent acquisition, but only 2% had a long-term strategy
  • Only 16% are using sourcing data for performance management

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