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How to Groom Your Millennial Employees to Be Effective Young Leaders

These tips and insights will benefit both bosses and Millennials

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Due to demographic trends, many companies have to move Millennials into leadership roles sooner than generations before them did. But are your younger employees prepared to assume these roles and responsibilities? In this info-packed webinar, Lisa will provide tips and insights to help you begin fostering a leadership mindset within your Millennial talent (even an entry-level manager position is a leadership role!). And smart companies know the future of their success is based on grooming their Millennial employees sooner, rather than later, for leadership.

This webinar is for both Millennials and their bosses! The tips and insights shared are things that both bosses and Millennials will benefit from!

Monster would like to thank Lisa Orrell for presenting this webinar.

Lisa Orrell
The Generation Relations Expert
The Orrell Group

Lisa Orrell is The Generation Relations Expert, and the author of the popular book, Millennials Incorporated, and of the new book, Millennials Into Leadership. She is an in-demand speaker and consultant hired by well-known companies to educate their executive and front line management teams about how to effectively recruit, manage and retain Millennial talent, as well as how to improve generational dynamics. In addition, as a certified Leadership Coach, Lisa conducts entertaining, compelling seminars, workshops and keynotes for Millennial employees on how to be effective, respected young leaders in the workforce.

Based on her expertise, Lisa has been featured by major media, such as (partial list): ABC, MSNBC, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times,,, and Human Resources Executive.


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